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Post  Headhunter on Fri Jul 11, 2008 12:52 pm

Hey, I'm Headhunter and I'm glad to see you on our Forum!
You're new?

Please remember that The Few is an invite only clan, You should only be posting here if somebody in tf invited you to join. Once invited feel free to post here, in which afterwards you will be reviewed by the council. This may take up time, the average being around a week, we like for our council to get to see the potential recruit's skill and attitude. but once you are invited make sure to....

Introduce yourself!

Give us some background of yourself; which clans were you in, what classes do you prefer to play and such!

If you'd rather have a model of Introducing.. Haha well here's one:

In Game name: Headhunter
Age: 19
Country: America
Primary class: Jedi / Sith
Secondary class: hero/bh
Old clans: Neosith/Qk

Enjoy your visit on our forum.

also if youve been invited go to and make sure you are logged in at the top right of the screen and then hit apply to join.. if you are accepted into the clan.. we will accept that application...

- Headhunter



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