General Information on the Council.

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General Information on the Council.

Post  Asphar on Wed May 07, 2008 12:54 pm

What is it?

The Council is a select group of people who will be able to determine rank of members of the clan through a process that will be describe below.

When a member of the council sees that a person is fit for another rank, they will bring this up in a council-only section on the forums where it will be voted on. Any one council member can bring a member up to the board (try to bring up one at a time per council member). Then the council will vote based on skill (mostly on skill), respect, and effort (we see nothing wrong with being unskillful but those lacking effort will not be given a rank), and how much contributed to this clan. To stop inflation to the ranks, there will be a limit of how many ranks can be given out per month. The most ranks that can be given out will be as follows- estimate of active member * 1/5=how many peeps can get rank a month. This way, as the clan grows, more people will get a rank and as the clan is staying smaller, not too many will get a rank.

Admin will be given out when seen fit by council with a 75% favor.

The council will have to be active in servers for they are who are constantly testing our members through game play., if they are inactive or have little activity for a month, they will be nominated to be demoted.

How does it work?

1. Council members must be voted in by council with a 75% vote.
2. All votes for ranks will be done on forums as mentioned earlier.
3. During nominations of rank, you will say ''I nominated this person based on (and list why)''
4. The amount of council will be the estimated active members * 2/10.
5. Council members can also demote members with a vote, this includes fellow council members.

Amendment process.

A one member can make a recommendation for an amendment. Then it will be voted by whole clan. Majority vote rules, and the amendment is passed. The council may veto an amendment. To veto an amendment, 70% of the council must vote against it.

The Council


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