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Forum Rules.

Post  Asphar on Wed May 07, 2008 12:36 pm

~ Section One ~
Code of Conduct

On the Few's forum, respect is imperative, and asked to be observed at all times. The community consists of many age groups and backgrounds. In order not to cause or receive offense, respect is utmost necessary. Any and all outright disrespectful acts, text or images will have following severe repercussions, including, but not limited to, temporary or permanent ban and, if applicable, legal action.

~ Section Two ~
General Posting Protocol

Post Content:

Posted content should be considered of a clean and unoffensive nature. As mentioned before, the Few's forum is frequented by individuals of varying ages and backgrounds. This requires all public posting to maintain a "PG" (or equivalent) rating reference. If this reference is unclear to you, contact an administrator or moderator before posting publicly.

Sexually explicit, vulgar, violent, and/or disturbing images or text fall under the aforementioned guidelines and will be dealt with by administrator(s) and/or forum moderator(s), with or without notice.

Imagery On The Forum:

The Few's forum is optimized for 1024 by 768 pixel screen resolution. Image size restrictions are in place in order to maintain the layout of the forum, as follows:
o Avatars should not exceed 150 x 150 pixels.
o Signatures should not exceed 530 x 200 pixels.
o Posted images should not exceed 530 pixels in width. And when posting pictures it is encouraged that the poster uses a thumbnail image or text linking to the full scale image.

If asked to follow these size restrictions by a peer, subordinate, or superior member in the hierarchy you should oblige them. Administrators and moderators reserve the right to edit posts and accounts without informing the poster/owner of such action, however a private message (PM) is typically included in such action, informing the poster/owner of such action.

Posting Rules:

Double-posting is frowned upon, as the majority of the forum boards allow editing of previous posts of the same account. Administrators and moderators will delete and/or edit posts to maintain this rule.

Topics are to maintain their content and should not alter from the original post's intent. An administrator or moderator reserves the right to post a warning, lock the topic, or delete the topic at their own discretion.

The Few's forum's definition of spam is 1) a post that is not in reference to on-topic discussion/content, and 2) Any advertisement that is not sanctioned and cleared through proper hierarchy channels. Spam will be edited or deleted at an administrator's or moderator's discretion.

~ Section Three ~
Responsibility & Rules Enforcement

The owner of a forum member account is responsible for their account's privacy and any content posted under the account. Passwords should never be shared with anyone and for any reason. Also, members should always log out of their forum account when finished to avoid others in the household accessing a private account.

The Few's forum administrators reserve the right to distribute an individual's private information, such as IP address and email address for legal or forum security issues.

Warnings and punishment are at the discretion of the corresponding administrator(s) and/or forum moderator(s), which typically includes consulting the Council who maintains absolute and final decision regarding any and all The Few's forum and The Few's server rulings.



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